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Poster: LAJ Date: Jan 31, 2005 12:04pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: SINE FICTION SAMPLER

Fascinating set of releases from a branch of the NO TYPE label with each one serving as a soundtrack for a notable science fiction novel. Lots of genres represented here: improv, glitch, minimal house, ambient noise, rhythmic noise, electro-acoustic, and IDM for starters with an overall abstract atmosphere. Impressive lineup of artists, too. One track from each of the fourteen available releases offered here. [M3U file attached - sorry, Track #13 doesn't seem to be available.]

A_dontigny - Sine Fiction vol. I) We [sine001]

Philémon - Sine Fiction vol. II) Nineteen Eighty-Four [sine002]

James Schidlowsky - Sine Fiction vol. III) The Shockwave Rider [sine003]

Julie Rousse - Sine Fiction vol. IV) Foundation [sine004]

Dick Richards - Sine Fiction vol. V) Dhalgren [sine005]

Eucci - Sine Fiction vol. VI) Nova Express [sine006]

Kevin M Krebs - Sine Fiction vol. VII) The Soft Machine [sine007]

Oeuf Korreckt - Sine Fiction vol. VIII) The Nine Billion Names of God [sine008]

A_dontigny - Sine Fiction vol. IX) The Ticket that Exploded [sine009]

Ellende - Sine Fiction vol. X) Ti con zero [sine010]

Maciek Szymczuk - Sine Fiction vol. XI) Terminus [sine011]

Mystified - Sine Fiction vol. XII) Deus Irae [sine012]

Galactus Zeit - Sine Fiction vol. XIII) Radio Free Albemuth [sine013]

CJos Smolders - Sine Fiction vol. XIV) Roadside Picnic [sine014]

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Poster: Erratic Date: Jan 31, 2005 9:25pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: SINE FICTION SAMPLER

great, thx, i've been meaning to check these all out!

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Poster: LAJ Date: Feb 1, 2005 6:11am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: SINE FICTION SAMPLER

Glad it was helpful. I just hope they continue the series. It's a great set of releases that my stream doesn't really do justice.